What is expected of us

Today’s prompt EXPECT hit a raw nerve with me. Minutes before reading my emails, my teenage son cut me off rather aggressively insisting that I could not voice my objection to his rudeness. I certainly expect to be treated better and not constantly criticised. What particularly hurt was that he criticised me for doing something he had criticised me for not doing (and caring for him) a few months back. I thought no wonder I get upset (and am constantly angry) in light of such behaviour. I felt the real need to be held, but also felt bottling my anger would only lead to more righteous criticism from him about being constantly “angry” about the fact that I expect to be treated like a human.

Having received with the daily prompt, I thought that I might respond by writing about what I expect in this situation. Being heard and having voice would be a start. However sitting down to write, the Quaker dictum of ‘What does God expect of us’ shot into my head. Love … which brings me to ask what does he EXPECT? Sad that that conversation is unlikely to happen, but I might pray for it.


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